Ravi Sarpanch group takes responsibility of killing Mindi


Khanna, 21 August: Ravi Sarpanch Group has taken the responsibility of the murder of Rupinder Gandhi’s brother, Manvinder Mindi alias Mindi Gandhi, who was shot dead in village Rasoolda. Two unknown assailants shot Manvinder Mindi alias Mindi Gandhi while he was spraying his fields on August 20.The assailants shake hand with Mindi and later shot him dead. After this, assailant took the bike of Mindi and fled from the spot. Police officials are continuously investigating the matter, CCTV footage of Khanna city is also being examined and police officials are questioning people regarding the case but Ravi Sarpanch group has taken the responsibility of the murder. They has taken this responsibility by posting the incident on Facebook.Gurjot Garcha of Ravi Sarpanch Group come forward and took the responsibility of

Gurjot Garcha of Ravi Sarpanch Group come forward and took the responsibility of whole incident took place on August 20 and said that he himself and Rinda Sandhu are the only responsible people for this. Gurjot Garcha wrote in a post on his Facebook account : “I want to tell everyone that he himself and his friend Rinda Sandhu are responsible for the murder of Mindi. No one else is involved in it. At the same time I request the police officials not to be unfair and treat his friends badly because in previous FIRs police registered false cases against me. That false FIRs don’t let me back to my normal life.He added “I do not want that someone else suffers like me. The reason for killing Mindi was that he used the name of his brother or used friends, everyone knows that. The day when my brother Ravi was shot dead, they made a false statement that they shoot me. The truth is that after firing they left their mate alone on the site of incident. If someone has grief of Mindi’s death he can message here, we’ll meet him too.



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