Pathak slams Ramdev for running Swadeshi campaigns on foreign sites


Jalandhar, 21 August(Wishav Warta): The spokesperson and vice president of PPCC(Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee)  Himanshu Pathak slams Swami Ramdev over using sites, social media platforms and servers foreign companies for advertisement of “Patanjali”. During a press meet, Pathak said, on the one hand, Ramdev urges people to stop using foreign products and use products made by Patanjali as they are made in India but on the other side his company is using servers and social media platforms run by foreign companies, big amount of the money is going to those foreign companies for advertisement. He said on Independence Day Patanjali launched a new campaign ‘I Support Swadeshi’ about which they advertised heavily on TV and digital platforms of foreign companies like Google and asked people to join the campaign and pledge to boycott goods and services of foreign companies. The whole marketing concept of Patanjali is based on the Swadeshi slogan. Pathak names the foreign companies like Amazone etc, whose’s servers Patanjali is using which all are American companies. Patanjali is advertising on US based Google, Facebook and Youtube and Unruly a British company the money is leaking to the foreign countries as these companies are grossing great amount of profit through Patanjali.

Pathak blames Ramdev for having double standards as they are stopping others but using themselves. He asks Swami Ramdev to disclose the amount of money paid to these companies by his different Swadeshi organizations. Pointing on the advertisement aired by Patanjali on TV it says after 71 years of Independence China, America and European companies are dominating on 50 lakh crore economy of India and they are taking high profits out of India, we have to stop it. Pathak says Ramdev and Patanjali themselves are sending India’s money to foreign countries. he said Patanjali’s and Ramdev’s Swadeshi campaign website are also being run on foreign servers as well, giving the example of Flipkart he said if they can create their servers here in India why can’t Patanjali, as they are spending 100 to 200 crore on each project. They have said Patanjali and alike companies should be used but they did not use any Indian company to develop their website when there are thousands available. He names Ramdev, Sarkari Baba as he has the full support of government and even acting as nondeclared ambassador of Haryana, he is enjoying the patronage of BJP government.



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