Sukhbir blasts police for protecting ‘Massarangarh’ guilty of violating Maryada at Ghallughara Sahib shrine


Chandigarh, 22 August(Wishav Warta): Akali  Supremo and  former Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sardar Sukhbir Singh Badal today blasted what he described as “the unholy and anti-Panthic combine of  immoral  ‘Massarangarhs’, the anti-Sikh Congress party  and the self-styled  “alternative Jathedars” for vitiating the atmosphere in Khalsa Panth’s  holy shrine, Gurdwara Ghallughara Sahib at Kahnuwan Sahib”. Badal also came down heavily against the conduct of the Punjab Police there which instead of respecting the sentiments of the Sikh Sangat, sided with the Congress-sponsored anti-Sikh gang-up and registered cases against peaceful protesters and Akali leaders and workers who were merely demanding the restoration of the Maryada in Gurdwara Ghallughara Sahib, Kahnuwan. Mr Badal demanded that all the cases registered against Akali workers be immediately with-drawn as these were “fake and amounted to rubbing salt into the wounds of the Sikh masses.”.

The SAD president was commenting on the outrage among the Sikh Sangat over the immoral acts reportedly carried out on the precincts of the holy Gurudwara Ghallughara Sahib at Kahnuwan Sahib” by the management committee president  Master Johar Singh  at the behest of the Congress, and the Congress backed self-styled Jathedars.The Akali president said that the disgraceful acts being reported and exposed about the goings-on in the holy place involve a “most grave issue of violation of Sikh Maryada and the most respected Jathedar Sahib of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib has every right to intervene where everywhere Sikh Maryada is violated. ”

Sukhbir Singh Badal told  “ the anti-Sikh gang-up of ‘Massarangarhs’, the Congress hooligans and the self-styled Jathedars” not to confront the Khalsa  Panth. “Do not invite the wrath of the enraged Sikh Sangat to defend the defiling acts by the management chief. The Guru and  the Sikh masses will never forgive you for trying to vitiate Sikh Maryada in holy shrines of our faith.”

Badal said that Gurdwara Sahib belongs to the Sikh Sangat and added, “At present, there is a wave of resentment and anger in the minds of the Sikh Sangat over the disclosures made about the activities of the management committee chief.  By siding with him and standing up against the Sikh Sangat, these ‘Massarangarhs’, their Congress patrons  and the Congress- sponsored and self styled Jathedars have yet again proved  their sacrilegious  intentions against the Khalsa Panth.”



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