Stop drama, bring bill in assembly on sealing issue: Sirsa, Mishra asks Kejriwal


New Delhi: The Delhi MLAs Manjinder Singh Sirsa and Kapil Mishra today asked AAP Supremo and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to stop his drama on the issue of sealing in the National Capital and bring a bill in the assembly on the issue to pass it unanimously.

Addressing a press conference here today the Delhi MLAs Manjinder Singh Sirsa and Kapil Mishra said that it was strange that drama of Kejriwal is not coming to an end on this serious issue of sealing. He said that he has announced to go on hunger strike after 31st March and this period is sufficient to seal whole Delhi. He said that not only this but all party meeting being conveyed after 85 days of the issue erupted which will not serve any purpose.

 Sirsa and Mishra said that if the Kejriwal government is serious to help the people by resolving this issue then it should present a bill on this issue on the Assembly and we will support it for clauses in favour of people. He said that such act will given impression to Supreme Court as well as to centre government what is opinion of people Delhi and their representatives in Assembly and AAP Government of Delhi.

Both the leaders warned that in case the Kejriwal government fails to bring such a bill then they will move private member’s bill on the issue to help the people of Delhi. He said that such action was necessary to resolve the ongoing issue.

Lashing out at Kejriwal for not using the budget money properly for public welfare works, Sirsa and Mishra said that they have formed an non political platform ‘Voice of Delhi’ to elicit views of people of Delhi on budget as the Kejriwal government has failed to utilize Rs. 17000 crore sanctioned in the previous budget for 49 projects. They said that it was shocking that these 49 projects failed to take off even from their initial stages and public money of several thousand crores lapsed.

 Both the MLAs said that had the government exercised its wisdom in spending Rs. 17000 crore of public money, it could have  permanently resolved water problem of Delhi besides help creating additional hospitals and clinics, and providing roofs to the schools which don’t have these.

The said that it was utterly shameful that there is no exercise to consult public on all important issue of budget. They said that now they had formed the Voice of Delhi , they will elicit views of people through twitter, facebook, whatsapp, mails and other methods in next four days in which they they will be urged to disclose what they expected from the budge  and how government should spend money on public welfare. They also said that people will be urged to tell if giving away Rs. Rs. 2000 crore of public money  as subsidy to private  companies is justified  and why travelling in Metro should be subsidized ?.

They said that they will prepare a full fledged report of it and hand it over to Finance Minister on Monday.

They said that the will impress upon Finance Minister to incorporate changes in his budget according to aspirations of the people and if he fails to do so they will move amendments accordingly.



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