Modi praises Suu Kyi’s leadership, India with Myanmar over Rohingya violence


Naypyidaw, 6 September(Wishav Warta): Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday that India shared Myanmar’s concerns over the violence in its Rakhine state and said all parties must respect Myanmar’s unity as a nation. Modi’s first bilateral visit to the country comes at a time when the Myanmarese government is facing international pressure over the 125,000 Rohingya refugees that have poured across the Bangladeshi border in just two weeks after Myanmar’s military crackdown in the Rakhine state.

Modi, at a joint press statement with Suu Kyi, also asserted that India stands by Myanmar amid the challenges the country is facing.

“Your leadership in Myanmar’s peace process is commendable, we understand your challenges,” Modi said at a joint declaration with Suu Kyi in Maynmar’s capital Naypyidaw, further adding that the two countries would jointly fight terror.

Modi also announced ‘gratis visa’ – given free of charge – for Myanmarese citizens wishing to visit India. Modi and Suu Kyi held talks and discussed ways to further cement the bilateral relations.

Suu Kyi also thanked India for taking a strong stand on the terror threat that Myanmar faced recently. She said together India and Myanmar can ensure that terrorism is not allowed to take root on their soil or on the soil of neighbouring countries.



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