Govt announces no-fly rules list


New Delhi, 8 September(Wishav Warta): The government announced on Friday three-tier rules for a national no-fly list in an attempt to crack down on unruly air travellers. The aviation ministry’s draft rules that said unruly behaviour would invite suspension from flying for at least three months were earlier put on its website for public comments. The maximum penalty will be grounding for two years or more, according to the announcement made by the ministry on Friday. “The No-Fly ban will be in addition to any statutory legal action that can be taken against the offender under existing laws,” civil aviation minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju said. The three levels of

The three levels of the offence are: Level 1: Unruly physical gestures, verbal harassment and unruly inebriation; ban up to three months. Level 2: Physically abusive behaviour (pushing, kicking, hitting, inappropriate touching); ban up to six months. Level 3: Life threatening behaviour — assaults, damage to aircraft systems etc; ban is minimum of two years. “Decision will be taken by an independent committee under a retired District Judge within a period of 30 days of alleged offence,” the minister said.



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