By appointing fugitive Khadur Sahib MLA Sikki ‘Halqa-Incharge’ of Bholath, Capt. has yet another poll promise- Khaira


Chandigarh, 5 September(Wishav Warta): The leader of opposition in Punjab Vidhan Sabha Sukhpal Singh Khaira, on Tuesday criticized Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh for making a complete U-Turn on the issue of appointment of ‘Halqa-In Charge’ system in the state to by-pass elected representatives.  He said that the Congress used to criticize Badals for their unconstitutional style of working but it is now following the same footsteps of the previous dictatorial government on every issue.

Khaira said that the unconstitutional appointment of ‘Halqa-Incharge’ was severely criticized not only by political parties but by even the common people of Punjab. He said that Capt. Amarinder Singh in his election manifesto had promised to do away with the ‘Halqa-Incharge’ system but has now taken a U-Turn to appoint fugitive Khadur Sahib MLA Ramanjeet Sikki ‘Halqa-Incharge’ of Bholath.

“Needless to mention, since  I  had raised the issue of illegal mining by the tainted minister Rana Gurjeet, that rattled the Cong govt. there for in order to settle personal score the tainted minister has probably had arm twisted  Capt Amarinder Singh into making his illegitimate ‘Halqa-Incharge.

The LOP said that It is pertinent to mention here, that Ramanjeet Sikki by accepting the position of ‘Halqa-Incharge’ of Bholath has betrayed the electorate of Khadoor Sahib, who elected him as their MLA twice. This is not only backstabbing the people of Khadoor Sahib but also amounts to deserting them.

“Let me warn fugitive MLA Sikki and his mentor Rana Gurjeet that I will not be intimidated or threatened by their mischievous moves. What can people of Bholath expect from an MLA who has betrayed, ditched and back stabbed the very people who elected him two times?” asked Khaira.

Khaira warned Rana Gurjeet that Bhotth constituency is neither his sugar mill/liquor distillery nor his personal property, that he can lease out to fugitives and deserters like Sikki. Khaira stated that he and his family has served the people of Bholath for the past 45 years and has been part of their sorrows, griefs and joys.

Therefore, I urge Capt. Amarinder Singh to make his position categorically clear on the unconstitutional nomenclature of ‘Halqa-In charge’. He should spell out whether the appointment of Sikki has been done by his consent or is it the discretion of tainted and corrupt minister Rana Gurjeet to appoint ‘Halqa-In charges’ in Punjab. If it is with the concurrence of Capt. Amarinder Singh, then he must be brave enough to confess the illegitimate and unconstitutional appointment of Sikki and apologize to the people of Punjab for going back on yet another poll promise of his.



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