“Budget directionless, meaningless and devoid of vision” says Parkash Singh Badal


Chandigarh: The Five time Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Parkash Singh Badal today dismissed the budget presented in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha today as ““ directionless,  meaningless and devoid of vision. It documents the government’s betryala of the farmers, the dalits and the poor, the youth, the employees and the helpless senior citizens. ”

“It does not at all read like an economic document at all and is full merely of empty and baseless statements about the so-called intent of the government. It is clear that they have not given any serious thought to planning or to making programmes and policies for the glory of the state and to solving the problems facing the people.”

In a statement here, Badal said,  “Like every other Punjabi, I have been totally disappointed. The Budgetary documentary in fact reads like  a White Paper on the Government Black Deeds of the past one year. These black deeds include betrayal of every section of society, particularly the farmers, the dalits, the youth, the senior citizens and women. “

Badal said that the budget is also proof that those in the government “spend no time on planning a course for the progress of the state or for the welfare of its  people. This reveals a very casual and indifferent approach to the sensitive and serious business of governance and  the service of the people. In all my life , I have never read a more non-serious budget. This is an act betrayal of the mandate given by the people.



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