Akali Dal attacks Manpreet Badal for asking farmers to shun their meals


Chandigarh, 23 September(Wishav Warta): The Shiromani Akali Dal hit out at the Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal to exhort the farmers to miss their meal one a day and said that the finance minister who has responsibility to work for their upliftment was asking them to remain empty stomach.

In a statement issued from the party head office here today, the SAD Spokesman Virsa Singh Valtoha said that it was surprising to see that instead of working for upliftment of farmers and farm labourers and help them to cope with the farm crisis was asking them to even shun their meals. Valtoha said that it was highly unbecoming of finance minister particularly a man who was main architect of the Congress party manifest who had promised moon to the farmers but failed to provide even the basic relief. He said that it was more intriguing that a man who loves to eat nonveg dishes in his food is asking farmers to leave their basic meals.

Valtoha said that Congress party was running away from its responsibility of working for betterment of farmers and farm labourers and was now seeking excuses for its failure to perform its constitutional duty. He said that leave aside the loan waiver for the farmers, this finance minister even failed in providing the employees their salaries, facilities for the unprivileged  which the earlier SAD-BJP government had launched including the Atta Dal scheme, Shagun Scheme and other social beneficiary schemes.

The SAD asked the finance minister to quit is post and accept before the public that as a finance minister he has badly failed to perform his duty as assigned under the constitution and also accept that he was the prime accused to mislead the public with by including false promises in the Congress manifesto.



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