In a significant move on the Diversity Front, Anmol Kaur Narang became the first Observant Sikh woman to graduate from the United States Military Academy.


America 17 june (wishavwarta )- UNITED SIKHS applauds Anmol Kaur Narang as she becomes the first Sikh woman to graduate from West Point in the historical class of 2020.   The Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army earns her stripes and degree in Nuclear Engineering.  She has indicated to pursue a career path in air defense systems. Her first posting will be in Okinawa, Japan.

UNITED SIKHS, was the first organization to ask the U.S. Army for greater representation of Sikhs within its organizational structure. UNITED SIKHS requests all branches of the armed services for an immediate normalization of religious accommodations and freedoms for all Sikhs.  The freedom to serve one’s country without compromising one’s identity or religious beliefs is a basic human tenant and a foundation our nation.