We have not come to power for 5 to 10 years, but 50, says BJP chief Amit Shah


Bhopal, 19 August(Wishav Warta): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah said his party had not come to power for a mere five or 10 years, but at least for 50 years and called upon workers to strengthen the party and take it to every part of the country. Shah also said though the BJP appeared to be at its peak with a majority government at the Centre and 1,387 MLAs in states, the workers felt the party had still a long way to go.

“Today, we have a majority government at the Centre with 330 MPs, and also have 1,387 MLAs in different states. The party appears to be at its peak, but dedicated workers feel we have a long way ahead,” a BJP release quoted Shah on Saturday as saying at a meeting with partymen. “We have not come to power for 5-10 years, but at least 50 years. We should move forward with a conviction that in 40-50 years we have to bring major changes in the country through the medium of power,” Shah said.





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