Sunil Jakhar meets Kavita Khanna


Gurdaspur, 23 September(Wishav Warta): The President of Punjab Congress and Congress candidate from Gurdaspur Lok Sabha seat Sunil Jakhar suddenly met Kavita Khanna at her residence. He was accompanied by Congress leader Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa and MLA Amit Vij, After the meeting, Jakhar said that he was a big fan of Vinod Khanna, so he went to meet Kavita Khanna, but political sources say there is some other mystery behind this meeting because Kavita Khanna does not get a ticket from Gurdaspur she is not looking happy with BJP. She did not want to go to the filing of Salaria’s nomination papers but the state in-charge Prabhat Jha and candidate Salaria went to their house and brought her with them.



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