Sirsa seeks resignation of Kejriwal for accepting his guilt on lies


New Delhi: The Delhi MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa today demanded resignation of the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for accepting on oath in the court that he had lied to the people prior to the Punjab Assembly polls and tendering apology to the Shiromani Akali Dal leader Bikram Singh Majithia. He said that not only should Kejriwal immediately resign for accepting on oath his guilt but should also apologize to the people of Delhi for telling lies on the eve of  Delhi assembly polls and for his efforts to mislead the people of the national capitial.

In a statement issued here today, Sirsa said that  he had also urged the Delhi Assembly Speaker to assure the house members that whatever the Chief Minister says in assembly will be truth only and he will never backtrack on his words and admit that everything he said in the assembly were lies and apologizes for his acts in the August house.

Sirsa said that Kejriwal  has created a record of sort who has admitted that he lied to the people of Punjab on the eve of Punjab assembly polls. He said that he has become only sitting Chief Minister of any state of the country to admit about his lies in an affidavit before the court. He said that his admission has already reaffirmed his modus operandi which he used to lure the innocent people of Delhi for usurping power in the National Capital.

Sirsa said that  Kejriwal is the only political leader of the country who resorts to spreading all sort of lies not only about his opponents  but also promises moon to the people during the election time and forgets each and everything once election is over. He said that Kejriwal has claimed before the Delhi assembly polls that he has full evidence on the alleged corruption of the Shiela Dikshit, about the scams of the power companies in Delhi and about the tanker scam of the Delhi Jal Board and had promised strong action based on his so called ‘evidence’.  He said that nothing changed once he got power in the National Capital. No action was taken against any political leader against whom he had leveled allegations. Delhi Jal Board is extending the contracts to same contractors for supplying water and even not taking the transparent route of tendering. He said that similar is the case with power companies whom now Kejirwal is paying Rs. 2000 crore per annum.

The Delhi MLA said that he has decided to launch a full fledged campaign against Keriwal for accepting his lies on oath and will use hoarding, media and all sorts of communication tools to tell the people that Kejriwal is the only Chief Minister of the independent India which has on oath accepted that he is a liar and apologized for his lies he made on the eve of Punjab Assembly polls.



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