SAD asks Govt. start disbursing loan waiver amount to farmers


Chandigarh, October 14 : The Shiromani Akali Dal today asked the Congress Government that its drama of sending the so called notification for the loan waiver of the farmers in the state to Election Commission of India for approval has been exposed before the people of the state and now when this by poll has come to an end it should immediately start disbursing loan waiver amount to the farmers.

In a statement released from the party head office here today, the SAD Treasurer and Spokesman NK Sharma said that   Congress government has enacted drama of seeking approval from ECI for notification of loan waiver only because it was aware of the fact that if its leadership goes to villages without such an excuse, people will  seek answers from them.  He said that though Congress party thought it to be a clever move but it has once again exposed the hollow claims of the Congress government on the loan waiver scheme.

Sharma said that loan waiver promise was made by Manpreet Singh Badal in election manifesto who has not only badly failed to provide much needed relief to the farmers of the state but also failed to visit even a single family of farmers who have committed suicide due to this blunder of the Congress party. He said that this false and totally misleading promise of the Congress has taken life of more than 275 farmers of the till date as the government has miserably failed to compensate the farmers for it loan waiver scheme.

The SAD Spokesman said that it the government was serious on seeking nod of the ECI because of imposition of Election Code of Conduct, now this code will be over with declaration of results tomorrow and the  Congress government without wasting any further time should immediately start disbursing loan waive amount to the farmers or to the banks so that distressed farmers could be taken out of their depression because of non fulfillment of election promise of the Congress party.

Sharma said that people of the state are well aware of the Congress party’s habit of trying to mislead people and also know that this loan waiver scheme was no where to start in near future.



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