Power tariff hiked by 9.33 percent per unit in Punjab


Chandigarh: The Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission (PSERC) on Monday announced the new power tariff for Punjab. The tariff has been increased by 9.33 per cent over the existing tariff. New rates will be applied from 1 April 2017. The tariff is for a period of three years. Rates raised from April 1 will be recovered in different phases in nine months period. Industry gets time of day rebate of Rs 1.25 per KVAh, as compared to Rs 1 earlier.

Cross subsidy levels for all categories of consumers have been kept within +/- 20 per cent, as mandated in the tariff policy.

0-100units – 46paise (10.18% increase)
101-300 units – 41paise (6.68%)
301-500 units – 59 paise (8.99%)
Above 500units – 80 paise (12.20%)

Domestic supply(50kw-100kw) – 80 paisa increased, above100kva – 80 paise increased

Industrial small power – 65 paisa increased 11.88%, Medium supply – 58 paisa increased 9.68% increased while Large supply – 54 paisa 8.50% increased.




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