Nutritious food provided to 19 thousand 318 children under Supplementary Nutrition Scheme : DC


Mohali: Rs. 81 lacs 54 thousand has been spent for providing Nutritious food to the small kids and lactating mothers through Supplementary Nutrition Scheme under various schemes in the district for development and welfare of children and females. Elaborating this Deputy Commissioner Gurpreet Kaur Sapra said that there are 614 Anganwari centers working in the various villages, towns and cities of the district whereat besides 22 supervisors, 614 Anganwari workers have been deputed. She said that 19 thousand 318 children are being served with nutritious food through these Anganwari centers in the district.

Sapra said that 28 thousand 611 children of age group 6 months to 6 years, 12 thousand 708 children of age group 6 month to 3 years and 6610 children of age group 3 to 6 years are being served with nutritious food through these Anganwari centers in the district. She further said that feed is being provided to the kids of age groups 3 to 6 years at a rate of Rs. 6 per child and feed at the rate of Rs. 7 is being provided to each pregnant mother and feed at the rate of Rs. 9 is being provided to malnourished Childs under Supplementary Nutrition Scheme. She said that for better health of kids, nutritious food including Dalia, Panjiri, and Sweet Rice etc. is being provided to the kids for 300 days in year. Besides this, feed at the rate of Rs. 7 per person is being provided for 300 days in year through these Anganwari centers to 5515 out of 8175 pregnant and lactating mothers.

She said that these Anganwari centers provides knowledge to lactating mothers about nutritious food and health care of kids, on the other hand Anganwari centers educate pregnant mothers about their self care and generate health awareness. Smt. Sapra said that 100 percent registration of pregnant mothers is being ensured by District health Department and awareness about institutional deliveries is being generated at village level, so that better health of mother and infant could be ensured. Smt. Sapra said that for providing better health facilities to the children’s, medical checkup in the schools is being conducted in the district under Rashtriya Bal Suraksha Kalyaan Scheme.

Photo Caption: Deputy Commissioner Smt. Gurpreet kaur Sapra explaining about nutritious food being served to the kids and lactating mother in the district under Supplementary Nutrition Scheme.



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