Modi government to increase minimum wage of employees


New Delhi, 16 September: The central government is going to increase the minimum income of central employees very soon. On one hand, the government is giving a gift by increasing the salaries of employees, on the other hand, the government has decided that these employees will not be given the facility of arrears.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the minimum wage of employees has been increased by the Modi government. At present, the minimum wage of central employees is Rs 18,000 which will be raised to Rs 21,000 per month government’s decision.In June, the Finance Ministry extended an offer to implement the fitment formula of 2.57 times. Central employees union had demanded to increase it by 3.68 fitment formulas. On this demand of the employees, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley promised to increase the minimum wage from central employees from 18 thousand rupees. According to the sources the information given by a government official, the Finance Ministry has said that they will increase the 2.57-fold fitness formation to 3.00 times. The employees will get the benefit from January next year.



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