Khaira blames Capt. government is run by Babus and for Babus


Chandigarh, 8 September(Wishav Warta): The Leader of Opposition in Punjab Vidhan Sabha, Sukhpal Singh Khaira on Friday took a jibe at Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh for being absent from the state and for failing to address the issues of not only the people but even his own party MLAs. “As reported today Congress MLA Parminder Singh Pinky has out of frustration termed that the captain Amarinder Singh government is being run by bureaucrats and that elected representatives has no say in it. His outburst was result of his efforts to convince his government to accord state guest status to a 14 member military contingent from UK, arriving to attend a state function being held at Saragarhi (Ferozepur) on the 12th of September.” Khaira said. Unable to get his demand a positive response from the CMO, the Congress MLA has lashed out at his own government being run by officers.

Khaira said that this is not the first time that Congress MLA’s have expressed resentment over not being heard by the Chief Minister. He said that recently 50 Congress MLA’s handed over a signed memorandum to the Chief Minister demanding strict action against drug mafia former Akali Minister Bikramjit Singh Majithia. Congress MLA’s reminded their own Chief Minister of the pre-poll promise to put Majithia behind bars, for his nefarious role in drugs trafficking, but to no avail. Similarly, Congress MLA Surjit Singh Dhiman had candidly admitted in public, that drugs were still easily available in every nook and corner of Punjab, contrary to the claims of his own CM that he had broken the back of drug mafia in the state.

“The repeated demands of Navjot Singh Sidhu for action against cable Mafia too fell on deaf ears of the CM, despite the minister providing substantial proof of grave violations by fastway Cable Company. It has become abundantly clear, that elected representatives, particularly of the ruling party, have no faith in their own government. Only a handful of coterie calls the shots in Punjab. The Chief Minister has become even more inaccessible than his last stint as CM from 2002-07.” said Khaira.

The LoP said that the callous and indifferent attitude of Capt. Amarinder Singh can rightly be equated with the erstwhile Roman Emperor Nero, who played the flute while Rome was burning. The Chief Minister has very conveniently taken a flight to England, while Punjab is burning and faced with multi prong problems such as unending farmer suicides, unemployment, no salaries and pension to the employees and the crumbling law and order.

“Therefore AAP is of the firm opinion, that the allegations being made by Congress MLA’s of not being heard are only confirming our view. That there’s no rule of law in Punjab and that this government is being run by a small coterie of officers and blue eyed boys of the Chief Minister.” Khaira said.



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