Khaira alleges MLAs & Minister of Congress involved in illegal mining asks CM to take action


Jalandhar: The Leader of Opposition and AAP MLA Sukhpal Singh Khaira alleged 11 MLAs and a Minister’s involvement in illegal sand mining according to reports which are with Chief Minister. He said that from past one year Congress leaders has raised millions of illegitimate income thru illegal mining. Even after the personal involvement of Captain Amarinder Singh, no strict actions have been taken till now, he added.

Chief Minister had tweeted few days before about mining of sand illegally, Khaira said that after this only truck drivers and labourers’ name have been in the news but there has been no big fish in the net by administration or police. Leader alleged Congress government’s personal involvement in this regarding that there has been no clue of any political leader with the administration till now.
“Do you think that a truck driver has the courage of land mining at this scale, which would catch the eye of CM” Khaira said, it is impossible that a truck driver or a labourer and even ‘thekedar’ could be doing the illegal sand mining. He said that in fact names are hidden under the cuff of Punjab CMand is the reason that none of the leader has been included in the investigation yet.
As the leader of opposition I demand to Chief Minister to public the names of people involved in illegal sand mining, Sukhpal Khaira said. Ethically he is responsible for this and he should tell the public about who is looting our state. He added that intelligence reports regarding illegal mining are already with the CM and suggested him that a tweet would be sufficient for this information.
Khaira said that he have met speaker of Vidhan Sabha on 6 February to constitute a committee of Vidhan Sabha including MLAs of all parties should be authorised to check the sand mining then including mining mafia, administration, mining department would be on toes.
This is no less than a joke that CM has tweeted and personally checked the site but still only few truck drivers and workers have been arrested and no major arrest has been made by the department till now, Khaira added. The reason behind is that the stakes are too high and huge amount of money is involved in this racket.
Sukhpal Khaira alleged that CM is over soft on SAD leaders and he is not giving the names of political individuals as before going out of power, the previous government filed closure reports in two big cases against Captian Amarinder Singh which includes Ludhiana City Centre scam.


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