‘Karja Kurki Khatam’ promise of Capt. nothing but a farce- Khaira


Chandigarh, 21 August(Wishav Warta): The leader of opposition in Punjab Vidhan Sabha, Sukhpal Singh Khaira on Monday criticized Capt. Amarinder Singh led Congress government for making false promises of total debt waiver and doing away with ‘Kurki’ of the farmers of Punjab. Quoting the case of farmer Jasvir Singh of village Patli in Tehsil Talwandi Bhai of district Ferozepur, whose land was impounded by the government, Khaira said that every promise made by Congress government is falling flat.

The LOP said that the government has not issued any notification or guidelines to the banks or other government establishments to give relief to the farmers and it is further creating more confusion. The government has ditched the farmers of Punjab, which has resulted in more than 200 suicides within 5 months of formation of Congress government.

Khaira said that the land of farmer Jasvir Singh was impounded in the presence of government officials, for failing to pay loan of Rs. 6,14,797. It is on record that concerned Patwari was asked to register the ‘Kurki’ process in daily report and forward it to the higher authorities. Khaira said that Captain Amarinder Singh must clarify if the promise was false or he has failed to convey his message to the concerned authorities dealing with farmers.

Khaira accused Capt. Amarinder Singh of great betrayal with the farmers by announcing a conditional debt waiver. Instead of waiving whole debt, Capt. has now chosen to waive off only Rs. 2 lac of the farmers holding less than 5 acres of land, which is nothing but a cruel joke with the farming community. LOP demanded for a 3 day special session of Vidhan Sabha to discuss the problems being faced by the farmers of the state. He emphasized that the government must issue clear guidelines to the banks, co-operative societies so they should stop harassing the farmers.



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