Chandigarh plans to install 50 megawatt solar energy by year 2022


Chandigarh: PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry along with Chandigarh Renewable Energy and Science & Technology Promotion Society (CREST) flagged off the Solar Awareness Campaign today by organizing the first awareness session on solar energy at  University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Panjab University.  The awareness campaign will focus on organizing awareness sessions across the education body and industry by promoting the use of solar energy among the citizens of Chandigarh. The session highlighted on the various forms of renewable energy and importance of usage of solar energy. The Interaction was  attended by over 100 students of Engineering department of University Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Ujjawal Kumar, Project Manager, Chandigarh Renewable Energy and Science & Technology Promotion Society (CREST) said that “With the changing climate, it has become imperative globally to increase the share of renewable energy. Nations in the present scenario are slowly losing the energy resources because of which not only India but globally all the nations are focusing on renewable energy. In order to increase the share of renewable energy CREST is making all efforts to increase the share of solar energy in Chandigarh.” He further added that the government has provided various facilities like subsidy, online website approvals, registered vendors in order to increase the usage of solar in the city. He also mentioned that Department of Science & Technology And Renewable Energy requests all citizen to install solar plants on their houses( of plot size more than 500 Sq yard)  before the deadline i.e. 17th May,2018, the department is also providing subsidy of Rs 18000 per Kw on all private residential houses which is likely to be reduce or discontinued by MNRE, GOI”

Further citing the example of ongoing International Solar Alliance at New Delhi, Ujjwal Kumar in his deliverable, stressed upon prosperous career options in this sector as Govt and various private players are keen to cash on this sector.

Manmohan Khanna, Member, PHD Regional Committee on Power & Renewable Energy addressed the senior students by saying that “Owing to Solar Passive Architecture, Indian is ranked the third largest solar market in the world. India is relatively well placed in term of harnessing wind, tidal, solar, geothermal energy by the virtue of its geographical position” He further spoke about the technology available today in solar power and the need of research further to make it more beneficial and productive.

 Gaurav Sapra, Assistant Professor – University Institute of Engineering and Technology expressed his views on the importance of sustainable energy and stated that Solar and other form of renewable energy, once a niche application for a limited market, but now has become the cheapest and fastest-growing power source on earth. It’s never ending potential has made limitless consumer across the world so, as Chandigarh which tops the charts in terms of harnessing and utilizing the solar energy amongst the UTs” He also mentioned that students of the college are working towards renewable energy through projects being carried out by them. He also thanked the Chamber and CREST for conducting the session as it also leads to a platform which provides direct interaction  between today’s helps the progress of the student community.

PHD Chamber of commerce & industry & Chandigarh Renewable Energy and Science & Technology Promotion Society (CREST) also distributed literature highlighting the importance of solar and various policies of the government benefits available to the end users in order to spread the word on increasing the usage of solar.



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