Capt. slams SAD claims says new meters are installed to give direct avg. subsidy to farmers


Jalandhar(Parteek Singh): Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Wednesday slams Shiromani Akali Dal claims that Congress government is installing meters on tubewells to impose electricity bills on the farmers. Chief Minister was here to distribute the checks to the farmers under the second phase of farm debt waiver scheme.

Captain said state government is going to instal meters on tubewells to tackle water crises in the state and there will be no bill imposed on the farmers. A fixed average subsidy amount will be given to farmers for their electricity bills. At first 950 meters will be installed out of 13.5 lakh across the state to monitor the average electricity consumption. Captain promised no farmer will have to pay bill from his pocket, even it will beneficial for farmers as if they use less electricity the remaining amount will go into their pockets. The government’s initiative will save the waters Punjab as it will decrease the misuse of water.

Captain Amarinder said Akali’s are liars as they are spreading rumours that state government will impose electricity bills on the farmers.

The groundwater level of Punjab has fallen drastically in past years and might lead to the deserted lands across the state. 13 lakh tubewells in the state for which farmers are getting free electricity. Three-fourth of Punjab is dependent on subsoil water for agriculture and one-fourth on the canal water. Of the 142 blocks in the state, 110 have been rated as over exploited.

The groundwater depletion in Punjab was 55 centimetre in 2015. As per seasonal fluctuations recorded by the CGWB between January and May, 2016, 73% of wells monitored — covering 60% area of Punjab — witnessed a fall in the water level. Barring some isolated pockets, the water table goes down by 2 meters in the state annually.

Now it will be interesting to see will Congress government’s proposed will make any effect over the water crisis in Punjab.



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