Capt gifts developmet projects worth Rs 398.12 Cr for Ludhiana


Ludhiana: Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Sunday gifted Ludhiana projects worth Rs.398.12 crore, to give a major boost to the Smart City’s infrastructural development.

A total of seven major projects were unveiled by the Chief Minister during his visit to the city for the distribution of appointment letters to youth at the culmination of the 2nd Mega Job Fair, conducted by his government under the `Ghar Ghar Rozagar’ scheme.

The projects included LED street lighting (Rs. 44.38 crore), installation of wayfinding & signages (Rs. 9.14 crore), Sarabha Nagar market retrofitting (Rs. 14.88 crore), 24×7 Surface Water Based Water Supply Scheme for ABD Area (Rs. 46.50 crore), rehabilitation of existing Sewerage System of ABD area (Rs. 39.30 crore), Rehabilitation & Augmentation of Storm Water Drainage System of ABD Area (22.59 crore) and Smart Street Phase 1 – Malhar Road (Rs. 22.75 crore).

Captain Amarinder laid the foundation stone of five projects at three places to pave the way for their implementation, with the promise that development work in the city, which is a major industrial and business hub for the state, would continue to be taken up on priority by his government.

An official spokesperson later said that work orders were in the process of being issued for LED street lighting and wayfinding & signages (digital and analogue) installation.

The LED project envisages replacement of the existing 105,000 lights with the energy saving lighting. Scheduled to start later this month, it will be completed by December 12 to generate guaranteed energy saving of 63.25% (29.75 million units per year), translating into an expected energy saving per annum of Rs 6.09 crore for the first year, with 6% incremental every year thereafter. The wayfinding and signages project will cover 757 signage boards of eight types.

For the Sarabha Nagar market retrofitting, tenders are in the process being invited for the job, which will include design, supply and installation of all landscape works (hardscape, softscape), façade works including undergrounding of electrical services. The main features of the project are: increase and improvement of public plaza, addition of landscape elements, improvement of user comfort, upgradation of services and utilities, electrical undergrounding, additional services such as fire service, ground water recharge for future utilities and regularisation of parking.

For the remaining four projects, tenders have already been issued, said the spokesperson.

The existing water supply system in ABD area is based on Ground water source, with 25 tube wells, supplying water for about 10 hours per day. The present system is completely unmetered and consumers are charged on flat rate basis. Under the Smart Cities Mission, it is proposed to revamp the entire exiting water supply system by switching to Surface Water Source (Sidhwan Canal) with a new distribution network of 90 kms to ensure 24×7 Pressurized Water Supply. This will also entail formation of District Metering Areas (DMAs) for Effective Management & Leakage Control, 100% Metering equipped with AMR technology, Real Time Monitoring and Demand Driven Distribution and Automated Operation and Control.

The duration of the Design-Build-Commissioning project, slated to start on May 25, will be 21 months, with O&M period of 5 years after completion & commissioning of project works.

The spokesperson further disclosed that under Smart Cities Mission, it is also proposed to rehabilitate and strengthen the existing sewerage system of ABD area. The internal condition of network shall be recorded by carrying out cleaning and CCTV inspection. Besides, the existing Non-Pressure Type Trunk sewer is proposed to be rehabilitated by Stand-alone Trenchless structural Lining method.

The project will encompass Survey, Cleaning / De-Silting, CCTV Condition Assessment and GIS Integration of existing sewerage system (approx 49 Kms), besides replacement of damaged / hydraulically inadequate sewers (2.6 kms) and rehabilitation & strengthening of existing Trunk Sewers by Standalone Trenchless Structural Lining (CIPP) @ 50 years (3.2 Kms).

Also tentatively scheduled to start on May 25, it is a Design-Build-Commissioning model project with 21 months duration and 5 years O&M period, as is the rehabilitation and augmentation of storm water drainage system of ABD area.

The latter envisages recording of the internal condition of the system by carrying out cleaning and CCTV inspection. Besides these, the existing Non-Pressure Type Trunk sewer is proposed to be rehabilitated by plastering wherever needed. It may be noted that only 5% separate Storm water drainage system covers the ABD area. There exists some Trunk Storm water drains (Non-Pressure Type Brick drains, laid more than 30 years back) within ABD area.  The outfalls drain discharging into Buddha Nalla and these drains carrying untreated sewage, which is discharging into Buddha Nalla.

As part of the Smart Street Phase I project, it is proposed to introduce smart utilities, road diet, shared pathways, regulated parking & other smart concept as per Mission guidelines. Improvement of below-grade infrastructure, introduction of utility corridor under footpaths, efficient use of space & ensures avoiding of un-necessary road cuttings for utilities maintenance are among the project’s main features. It also aimed to provide adequate streetscape elements, such as Street lights, Wayfinding and parking signage, Garbage bins, Amenity Zone for vendors, Bus shelters, Public toilets, etc.



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