Book on GST launched by AETC


Jalandhar, 4 September(Wishav Warta): In order to facilitate the traders/ entrepreneurs about the GST in the state, the book by an eminent tax expert V Vashist was unveiled by Assistant Excise and Taxation Commissioner (AETC ) Paramjit Singh for better understanding of concept.

Unveiling the book AETC Mr. Paramjeet Singh said that the author of the book was an authority indirect taxation system in the state. He said that Vashisht has already authored a book on Punjab VAT and allied taxes in Punjab. The AETC said that the author was most accepted and most trusted authority of taxation in the state adding that this book would prove to be an asset for the taxpayers in the state. He said that Vashist was also accredited with imparting GST practitioners and certification training to over 5000 torch-bearers at
the most of the major cities of the country during 2017 organized by Government of India

The AETC described the GST regime as the simplest tax mechanism, which is expected to give a big boost to the economy of the country in general and Punjab in particular. He said that GST regime has ended the existing multi tax and multi authority system thereby giving a big relief to the traders/ entrepreneurs. Paramjeet Singh said that it would further accelerate the economy by introducing a system of one nation, one tax and one market thereby eliminating physical barriers in the country.

The AETC said that with the introduction of GST the traders/ industrialists and consumers all are going to be immensely benefitted as it would reduce the cost and travelling time of transportation of goods in the country. He said that the entire Excise and Taxation department was at the disposal of the traders and industrialists to acquaint them with the new system.



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