Anti-Corruption Society distributes gifts to prisoners at District Jail Ropar on Diwali


Ropar(Wishav Warta): Diwali was celebrated by The Anti-Corruption Crime Prevention Community Oriented Polling Society with the prisoners at District Jail, Ropar under the leadership of Madam Monika Chawla (Vice Chairperson). After the permission of the jail superintendent and deputy superintendent, society distribted lady’s suits to needy women, toys for children, blanket for old prisoners, pants, shirts and lowers for young inmates, as well as a box of sweets was given to every prisoner.  With this initiative, every prisoner was given a glimpse of happiness. The Jail Administration thanked all the members of the society.

On this occasion members of the society Madam Shagun Chawla, Archana Malhotra, Prashotam Lal Kamboj and Amarjit Singh were also present.



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