Rajya Sabha members can now submit notices for discussion though app


Rajya Sabha chairman M Venkaiah Naidu on Monday announced that lawmakers of the Upper House can now submit notices for discussion and question hour online through a new app.

Members can submit notices for raising questions, zero hour mentions, special mentions, call attention and short duration discussion through the app, he said when the House met for the day.

He, however, said the requirement of giving a physical notice has not been done away with.

Naidu also asked members to contact officers concerned in the Rajya Sabha Secretariat to give notices or find out about the fate of their notices instead of coming directly to him as he may not have all the information.

Laying down rules for entry and exit from the House once proceedings have begun, he said members should enter or leave the chamber quietly without disturbing anyone.

While leaving, members should not stand in the lobby and talk to other members, he said.