Drug peddlers and illicit liquor smugglers to face stern action- SSP Sidhu


Police and Excise teams to conduct joint operations
334 FIRs regiatered against illicit liquor traders in last 6 months
Religious and social leaders to engage for awareness campaign against drugs

Kapurthala, august 7 (wishavwarta):-SSP Kapurthala S. Jaspreet singh sidhu said that the drug peddlers and illicit liquor traders in the district would face stern action and no one will be allowed to bring the lifes of people at risk by doing unlawful activities.

Mr. Sidhu said that under the operation “Red rose ” , which was launched by the Punjab police to wipe out the drug menace has shown significant results. He said that in kapurthala, Punjab police and excise department has decided to form joint teams for operations against the Illicit liquor trade .

He said that the district have long banks of river Satluj mainly in bholath and sultanpur lodhi sub divisions and keeping in view that the police department has given special attention to control these anti social activities with iron hands.

It may be mentioned here that in last 6 months 334 FIRs have been registered against the illicit liquor smugglers, in which 344 persons were arrested.

He also said that the Police department would sought great cooperation from religious and social leaders to aware the masses against the bad effects of drugs and liquor .