Akali Dal blames Cong. for using dirty tricks to distract people from real issues


Chandigarh, 5 October: The Shiromani Akali Dal lashed out Congress party and finance minister Manpreet Singh Badal and said that party was playing dirty tricks to divert the attention of the of people from real issues and total failure of the government.

In a statement issued from party head office here today, the SAD Treasurer and Spokesman NK Sharma said that when the Congress party has realized that total failure of the government  was the real issue and people have made up their mind to teach this party a lesson for misleading people in assembly elections, it has now started enacting new dramas and adopting cheap tactics. He said that its these endeavors will not succeed as it has already been exposed before the people and people of the state were wise enough to understand its game plan at this crucial juncture.

Sharma said that people the state have suffered a lot during the last six month rule of the Congress  government which has miserably failed to keep even a single promise it had made with the people during the last assembly polls. He said it has not only ditched farmers on loan waive issue but is now ready to impose power bill for  the agriculture sector. He said that similar is condition of other sections including government employees who are now facing a new problem in getting their salaries. He said that never in the history of the government had defaulted in paying salaries but this government has created history. He said that in this festive season, it is now borrowing money from different institutions to pay salaries of employees. The SAD  Spokesman further said that its hollow promises to enhance pensions for different categories have proved totally wrong as has been the case with Atta Dal beneficiaries as government has  struck off names of majority of people from the list in the scheme and even failed to provide anything to those which have been left in list.

NK  Sharma said that finance minister Manpreet Singh Badal should understand the pulse of the people of state and accept his total failure in running his ministry as well as government as only his failure has cast a shadow on the government. He said when Manpreet Badal has realized that people have started seeking answers from him, he has now taken shelter in other cities instead of Gurdaspur to raise issues but his dirty trick has been exposed and he along with his Congress party will be taught a life time lesson by the people in this election.