Sirsa welcomes ECI decision to disqualify 20 MLAs of AAP


New Delhi, January 19 : The Delhi MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa has welcomed the decision of the Election Commission of India (ECI) to recommend disqualification of 20 AAP MLAs for holding office of profit and urged the ECI to also disqualify Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal who is solely responsible for appointment of these MLAs to the office of profit.

  In a statement released here today, Sirsa said that the ECI decision will lead to probity in  public life and this decision should be hailed by all justice loving people. He said that he was at pains to see that ECI has only disqualified these MLAs but has failed to take action against Kejriwal appointing authority of these persons. He said that these MLAs have faced the result of their greed but real culprit in this whole issue is Kejriwal.

Seeking immediate resignation from Kejriwal, Sirsa said that it was due his wrong decisions and policies that Delhi will face third bye election in three years. He said that hundred of crores of rupees will be wasted against on re election on these vacant seats and it was only Kejriwal who is responsible for it. He said that Kejriwal has now no moral right to continue as Chief Minister.

He said that people of Delhi are already feeling cheated by the decision of Kejriwal and are repenting on their decision to vote for AAP. He said that Kejriwal should should resign immediately and pay way for election of a new government of the choice of people as people were eager to vote this party out of power as soon as possible.