Capt. gov’t wilfully denying justice to sacrilege & Behbal Kalan firing victims by prompting multi petitions in HC: Khaira


Chandigarh: Former LoP Sukhpal Singh Khaira castigated Capt. Amarinder Singh for willfully denying justice to the sacrilege of Guru Granth sahib ji and to the victims of police firing in Behbal Kalan. Khaira said in order to shield guilty police officers and the Badal family, Capt. Amarinder Singh has prompted and manipulated many petitions in the High Court to put the entire burning issue in a rigmarole of legal wrangles. Khaira said the latest petition filed by one police officer Shamsher Singh is a clear cut example of delaying justice, as the Punjab government has committed before the High Court that it will not submit the report of SIT in any court before the permission of the said bench. Khaira said this amounts to pushing the said issue under the carpet, as we know that once the matter reaches the doorsteps of judiciary, it can take many many years before justice is rendered. Khaira quoted the delay of 34 years of justice in the Sikh carnage of 1984, where thousands of people were brutally killed and raped. Khaira also said that another burning issue of drugs is hanging fire in the High Court for more than 3 years now.

Khaira stated that Capt. Amarinder Singh is now lowering the prestige of an autonomous institution like the Vidhan Sabha, which had unanimously passed the vital resolution of taking immediate action against the culprits of the sacrilege and those guilty for killing two Sikh youth at Behbal Kalan. Khaira said although Justice Ranjit Singh commission has submitted its voluminous 573 pages report to the Chief Minister on 30thJune 2018 but Capt. Amarinder Singh took almost two months to summon the session of Vidhan Sabha on such an important issue. Khaira said the Vidhan Sabha too hotly debated the issue of sacrilege and the Behbal Kalan firing for almost eight hours that was telecast live across the world and subsequently passed a unanimous resolution to punish the guilty. Khaira said Capt. Amarinder Singh still remained a mute spectator for many weeks, allowing guilty police officers to knock the doors of the High Court to obtain a one sided stay in cases of murder. Khaira said it is hard to believe that a stay into the broad daylight killing of two people can be obtained without the concurrence of the government. Khaira said he was of the firm opinion, that the Capt. Amarinder Singh has facilitated guilty police officers to obtain a stay with the connivance of his law officers and the Advocate General of Punjab. He said what was more amusing is that while the High Court wanted to hear the views of the Punjab government on the said petitions of guilty police officers, the Chief Minister and his Advocate General preferred to go on a holiday to Turkey instead of giving importance to the issue of sacrilege and the Behbal Kalan killings.

Khaira said it is now an open secret, that Capt. Amarinder Singh and the Badal family are hand in glove thus the Chief Minister is dithering to take any concrete action against them. Our allegation stand vindicated from the fact that Capt. Amarinder Singh while forming his government appointed Mr. Suresh Arora DGP, who headed the police during the regime of Sukhbir Badal and rendered no justice to either sacrilege or the killing of two Sikh youth in the Behbal Kalan. He said infact he has now given another extension to the same DGP, who is equally responsible for denial of justice in the sacrilege and Behbal killings.

Khaira urged the Chief Minister to summon a special emergency session of the Vidhan Sabha, to discuss threadbare the conspiracy being hatched by his government to save the Badals and guilty police officers. He said that the Vidhan Sabha should also once again unanimously resolve to override the High Court being an autonomous body of elected representatives, to punish the guilty without any further delay.