High Court verdict halts murderous assault in democracy: Badal


Chandigarh: Former Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Parkash Singh Badal today thanked the Punjab and Haryana High Court for its verdict allowing the SAD-BJP rally.

“The Congress government had made a murderous assault on democracy. The High Court Verdict has not only halted that assault but has also strengthened the hands of the SAD-BJP who are working for peace and communal harmony in Punjab,” said Badal.

In the statement from head office here today Badal declared that the rally will be held as scheduled tomorrow at the same venue. “We will fully abide by the High court ruling and we are in any case committed to peace and communal harmony.”

The former Chief Minister came down heavily against the “anti-Sikh Congress party and its lackeys who are hiding behind Sikh masks. We will expose these Congress agents too who are trying to wreck the Panth from within.”

Badal said that the game plan of the Congress government is too obvious. “The Congress govt is trying to use some so-called religious bodies as its side-kicks and lackeys to kick up communal dust in order to divert the people’s attention from its utter failures as government.”  Badal said that the Congress government in Punjab wants to keep the communal flames burning so that people no longer ask it about its broken promises such as a job for each home, houses for the poor, doubling the Shagun Scheme and the pension amounts andwaiving off the entire loan of the farmers.

Coming down heavily against the anti-Panthic “Congress lackeys”, Badal said that these so-called Panthic outfits had been repeatedly rejected by the Panth. They are now hiding behind the apron strings of the Congress party whose hands are red with Sikh blood. They are on the pay roll of the Congress and have been drafted by the govt against the SAD,” said Badal.

The Akali leader came down heavily against the so-called Panthic and pro-Congress outfits and asked them if they had even once questioned the Chief Minister on the sacrilege committed by him by breaking an oath which he had taken by holding the sacred Gutka sahib in his hand. “They are siding with the killers of thousands of innocent Sikhs and a party which had rolled tanks and mortars into Shri Harmandar Sahiba and destroyed Shri Akal Takhat Sahib. This is how Panthic they are.”