New Notes of Rs 100 coming next year


New Delhi, 3 October(Wishav Warta): The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is expected to start printing redesigned Rs 100 currency notes around April next year, sources in the central bank have said. Printing for the new notes, one of the most common denominations in the country, will begin after presses finish printing the new Rs 200 bank note by the end of the financial year in March.

Sources added the exercise of pumping the Rs 200 notes into the system is likely to take around another six months. Their printing will depend on the demand and feedback received from the select bank branches that have started dispensing the new denomination.

The existing Rs 100 currency notes will continue to be in the system and will be withdrawn gradually without any disruption. The size and dimensions of the new notes will not be altered, ensuring automatic-teller machines (ATMs) can be compatible from the beginning. Currently, Rs 100 is dispensed through ATMs across the country. Of the four cassettes, or boxes, in an ATM, only one is used for Rs 100 notes.