Unemployment forcing youngsters to go abroad in search of pastures risking their lives: Rori


Chandigarh: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA from Garhshanker Jai Kishan Rori has severely criticized the Captain Amarinder Singh Government in the state for its failure to nail the fake agents involved in running a well-knit racket of human trafficking in the state. He said that since the Captain government had failed to create sufficient jobs for the youth in the state, they had been left with no obvious choice but to fall prey to the fake travel agents, who were looting them at will on promises of plum jobs abroad.

Rori further said that the unemployment in the state had proved a boon for those running the racket of trapping the unemployed youngsters with promises of landing them jobs overseas. Rori said that with no jobs at hand, the hapless youth had been easily falling prey to the wily agents usurping lakhs from them.

Rori reminded the government of the recent incident, saying that for the genuine efforts of the Punjab unit chief of the party MP Bhagwant Mann, who had to go the whole hog facilitating the return the youths trapped in Armenia, they would have perished. This, he said, was the tip of the iceberg as the ground situation in other countries of the world was no better. He said the young people were easily trapped on false promises and were also mal-treated in those countries.

Rori demanded that the government in the saddle should come out of the comfort zone and do a precious little to generate sufficient employment opportunities in the state thereby saving the youth from being trapped. He threatened that if the government failed to act fast in the matter, AAP would stage protests on the streets, besides raising the voice on the floor of the house.