Its a shame for the State government that these innocent Victims have to suffer for so long: Kainth


Chandigarh: National Scheduled Castes Alliance continued its struggle against the State Government by resuming the second stage of its Pamphlet drive. Civil Secretariat Punjab in Chandigarh was the targeted area to reach out awareness over the atrocities being dealt to Scheduled Castes community in the State and to protest against the inactive approach of the Congress govt. to provide justice to those who have been traumatised due to hate crimes and social boycott. Symbolic Hunger strike started by the Alliance along with the victims of 2 villages Shergarh and Atalan, has entered into its 25th day and there are yet to be any signs of support from the State government to be given to these victims in assurance of fulfilling of their demands.

Paramjit Singh Kainth, President of the Alliance told, “Our protest will continue indefinitely against the corrupt tendencies of this Government. The atrocities being dealt on the SC community are increasing every day and the bureaucracy of the State has given up to the pressure of the corrupt politicians in power at present. Since 21st December the symbolic hunger strike has continued into its 25th day and still Capt. Amrinder Singh and his Govt has been silent in helping out these victims families. FIRs with section 307 and 326 imposed illegaly are still in effect against these families. Their demand to revoke the FIR has been left unheard.”

The pamphlet which the Alliance is sharing with the masses contains information on the atrocities and hate crimes that the SC community has to suffer and how the amount of cases of social boycott has been increasing. It also appeals to the Public to support the families traumatised in Shergarh and Atalan who have been living as refugees on the symbolic hunger strike at Sector 25 Rally Ground, Chandigarh.

Kainth said, “All the political parties have failed miserably in standing up for the rights of the SC community in Punjab. The Scheduled Castes community having 35% population almost in the State is the first to be approached by these parties but in the non-election phase, the community is not even in the second thoughts of these politicians. Our fight is against such attitude of the Congress, Akali Dal, BJP and AAP. The Victim families on protest haven’t been approached once by any representatives of these parties.

The pamphlet drive has been a success with great reception being received from the public. People are supportive of the cause and wish to join the protest against the atrocities on the community. Government employees and officers in the civil secretariat Punjab were also supportive of the cause today during the pamphlet drive. Our struggle will continue indefinitely along with the Symbolic hunger strike at Sector 25 ground in Chandigarh until the demands are not fulfilled by the State Government.”