SAD lashes out against Amarinder’s “sick obsession” with PS Badal, family: SAD


Chandigarh: The SAD today lashed out at the Punjab CM Capt Amarinder Singh for what it described as his “ sick and pathological obsession with for me CM Parkash Singh Badal and the members of his family, adding that the ex-Captain’s obsession was a deliberate ploy to divert people’s attention from the his own and his government’s abject and total failure to deliver any for the tall promises he had made to the Punjabis in the election manifesto in 2017.

In a statement here, senior SAD leader Mahesh Inder Singh Grewal accused the CM of “doing nothing for the people and the state in the five yeas as the Chief Executive of the state between 2002-07 and two years in his current tenure. ‘

“The CM is merely using the fake hype against the Badal family for the twin purposes of to propping up his fast declining political stock within his own party and of diverting people’s attention from the total failures of his government,” said Grewal, adding that the only loyalty Captain Amarinder Singh is to Sonia and Rahul Gandhi and to killers of innocent Sikhs like Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar and Kamal Nath who face grave allegations from the actual victims. In stead being loyal to his state, his community and to thousands of innocent victims of the 1984 massacre, Captain Singh defies the Sikh masses in defending the like soof Tytler and Kamal Nath. He had earlier defended even Sajjan Kumar .” The Captain is now angry with the Sikh for blaming the Congress for the political patronage provided to the killers of thousands of innocent Sikhs, as confirmed by the honurable judiciary “

“ Captain Amaridner Singh wasted his entire previous tenure on the vendetta against the SAD in general and the Badal family in particular. He used the hype deliberately created by his high profile and acrimonious revengefulness only as a smokescreen to hide his miserable failure to deliver on the issues for which the people had elected him as CM. His present term too has been a mere repetition of the same theatricals in which he had indulged for five years between 2002 and 2007. The result will also be the same – his and his party’s defeat in the general elections,” said Mr Grewal in his statement released from the party headquarters here this afternoon.

Grewal the people that Captain had created a storm around his baseless allegations of assets of Badal and his family amounting to thousands of crores , including vast malls, parking lots and urban properties and farms in Australia, the USA and in several countries in Europe. But with all the energies and time of his bureaucracy and ministers – as well as his own – focused only on the one point agenda of destroying Mr Badal politically and legally, he was not able even to identify any of the properties which he had accused the Badals of owning. But this helped him for sometime in keeping people’s attention away from his failures as CM, said Grewal.