Contract farming and crop diversification changes life of farmers Sukhvinder Singh of Shahpur village


Mohali: A Farmer Sukhvinder Singh of village Shahpur Block Majri of district SAS Naagr, has become a successful farmer with the help of contract farming and crop diversification and is also serving as a guidance light and source of inspiration for other farmers who are not getting benefit from traditional crops. He has not only gained the name and fame in agriculture field only but He is also taking part in social work. This leading farmer is earning good profit by preparing vegetable saplings in 11 acre field and also encourages crop diversification.

The farmer came in contact with a private firm in the year 2003-04 and started contract farming from year 2004-05, under which the saplings of Broccoli, Capsicum, Chilly, Onion and cauliflower are being prepared. Cooperating with the buyers of various companies, Sukhvinder Singh has made requisite arrangements for marketing of his produce. Pegron and Pagro Frozen provide seeds for cultivation and after preparing saplings, he sell these directly to the company. Sukhvinder Singh cultivates vegetable in rotation in his 9 acre farm and in the remaining area, he cultivates wheat & Maize. The residue of maize is used as animal fodder.

Considering the judicious use of water, he has made arrangement for drip irrigation in his fields, which has been installed by irrigation department at 80% subsidised rates. Farmer Sukhvinder Singh said that drip irrigation ensures supply of requisite amount of water only resulting in proper supply of nutrients to crop. He earns profit of Rs. 44000/- from Spinach, Rs. 17000/- from maize, Rs. 125000/- from Onion, Rs. 50000/- from Carrot in one crop cycle. He says that the credit to his success goes to agriculture department for timely guidance and recommendations.

Sukhvinder Singh has been awarded as best farmer in year 2014 by Pagro Food Company. In the year 2018, he was honoured as leading farmer of block under ATMA Scheme being run by agriculture department. He has also attended various training programs of agriculture department under ATMA program and now is encouraged for organic farming. Besides getting name in the field of agriculture, farmer Sukhvinder also encourages others for contributing in social works. He appeals other people to control wasteful expenses on marriages and other occasions. Officials of agriculture department said that any kind of information regarding various welfare schemes could be obtained from the office of agriculture department situated at 4th floor of District Administrative Complex.